Devexpress gridview rowupdating event

08-Apr-2020 15:30

The Custom Unbound Column Data event fires for each cell. However, due to the Grid control's data processing algorithms, this event may fire multiple times for each cell. Data Namespace Windows Application1 Public Class My Cache Private Read Only _Key Field Name As String Private values Cache As New Dictionary(Of Object, Object)() Public Sub New(By Val key Field Name As String) _Key Field Name = key Field Name End Sub Public Function Get Key By Row(By Val row As Object) As Object Return (Try Cast(row, Data Row View))(_Key Field Name) End Function Public Function Get Value(By Val row As Object) As Object Return Get Value By Key(Get Key By Row(row)) End Function Public Function Get Value By Key(By Val key As Object) As Object Dim result As Object = Nothing values Cache.

I tried response.redirect(""); but it shows /Response.

In this project, you can perform all supported operations with Grid View, such as sorting/deleting/adding records, and the unbound column will display proper values.

This is because values of the ID column are used as key values. Unbound Expression property to specify and unbound expression.

now i want to reload the page on row_updating event of detailgridview.

If you need to refresh both grids and not the whole page it is better to use grid Client Instance Name.

The Row Updating event is raised when a row's Update button is clicked, but before the Grid View control updates the row.