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03-Sep-2020 09:28

And there are good eggs are out there, folks — they stand out from the rest like a diamond in the rough.

Eventually, I found my one true diamond in the rough.

Who never made me feel different for battling an incurable, chronic illness that would often derail our plans.

It’s the good eggs who helped me regain my confidence and showed me what I deserved.

If anything, I downplayed the news with a sense of humor.

I would casually explain to my dates that I had Crohn’s disease, but I’d never let them know how it impacted my day-to-day life. I figured that if I didn’t make my disease out to be a big deal, others wouldn’t think it was, either.

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Then, over the Fourth of July weekend in 2008, when I was visiting family in Chicago, I was hospitalized with an abscess the size of a tennis ball in my small intestine. Here we go again.” As I stared out of the hospital window with my mom, watching the fireworks burst across the sky, I knew, once again, that this guy wasn’t going to cut it. RELATED: 5 Ways to Make Dating Easier When You Have Crohn’s Disease Several months went by, and I met a guy at a work event who asked for my number.

He even brings my pills to me each night on a paper towel to make sure I stay on top of my illness.