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Thousands of different styles of insulators have been made. 17-45 (A in circle logo below numbers, with 2 dots, 1 dot on each side of logo, and small 42 below logo) on skirt clear 1947 with mold #17 from 1945 (insulators 1922-1938, company 1806-1938) Millville, NJ - (insulators and company 1938-1969, Armstrong was formerly Whitall Tatum) Millville, NJ Insulators_Most newer insulators have style numbers embossed on them but some insulators (new or old) do not have style numbers!Most common are those of clear or aqua glass;1https:// Cranfill, Greg Kareofelas, and John Fountain's Dictionary of Glass - Ceramic Insulators Reprint Price Sheet James Garrity's Cross Arms back issues 02-12/1972, 02-03/1973, 06/1974, 01-07/1975 Elton Gish's Supplement to the Universal Style Chart for Jack Tod's 3rd Edition Porcelain Insulator Guide Bookhttps:// WHITALL TATUM CSC MADE IN U. The style number is generally located in one of two places: After the Primary Embossing and preceded by a dash, such as "HEMINGRAY-42" After the word N o, such as "WHITALL TATUM CO.

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Armstrong had long used an “A in a circle” as a trademark.

They are embossed on the skirt, No 2 Columbia and L.

They are a private issue piece resembling a small version of a CD 269 Earred Jumbo.

and Wentzel-Cobbs should not be confused with real insulators due to their small size.

The four styles are similar to a CD 155, CD 203, CD 285 and a CD 297.They resemble a CD 102 and come in two very distinct colors, red and blue.