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The complex is made up of Mochica-built adobe temples and gained famed after the on-site discovery of a tattooed mummy in 2006, known as the Señora de Cao.

Clearly an important shamanic leader, the 1,500-year-old señora has intricate depictions of spiders, fish and snakes inked into her hands and arms.

Archeologists estimate that as many as 700,000 tonnes of stone were hauled up here to build the fortress.

Measuring 700m long and with 20m-high walls, it must have been a formidable sight when it was first constructed.

Huaca de la Luna is thought to have served a ceremonial purpose, and is distinguished by its well-preserved friezes (some still with their original colour intact) and stylised depictions of a face thought to be the god Ai-Apaec, master of life and death.

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The tomb itself is recreated inside the museum, and is sure to give you an Indiana Jones-like thrill.The ancient pyramids here are thought to be the oldest evidence of civilisation in the Americas, some 4,000 years older than the Incas, and even older than the great pyramids of Giza.The site covers around 150 acres and features two large circular plazas sunk into the ground, plus the remains of six pyramids (along with evidence of residential structures), the largest of which is 154m tall.The traces of human civilisation in Peru date back some 20,000 years, to nomadic peoples who crossed into the Americas via the Bering Straight during the last Ice Age.

From these beginnings to the Mochica and Nazca peoples living in the first centuries AD, to the famous Incas of Machu Picchu, today visitors can trace that history back thanks to a wealth of fascinating archeological sites in the country.The ruins contain the remains of 500 round stone houses, hinting at the importance of the site in its day.