Dating orrefors glass

23-Nov-2019 01:41

Orrefors is a Swedish art glass company that ramped up its production in 1916.

It began using numbering systems on the bottom of its pieces in 1917.

Each system enables a collector to date a piece of Orrefors art glass by looking at the engraving on the bottom.

The earliest pieces were engraved with a letter — representing a designer's name — and a number.

Since the 1980s, designers such as Anne Nilsson, Erika Lagerbielke, Helen Krantz, Matz Borgström, Per B Sundberg, Martti Rytkönen, Lena Bergström, Ingegerd Råman, Malin Lindahl and Efva Attling have helped to propel Orrefors design heritage into the future.

Following the journey of glass from a syrupy, molten state to glittering crystal is a spectacular sight that takes place in the Kosta Boda hot shops every day.

Over time, Orrefors changed its numbering system; some pieces were engraved with a letter to represent a designer, followed by another letter to represent the glass type, followed by a pattern number.

Look at the bottom of the art-glass piece: "Orrefors" should be engraved on the bottom in cursive, along with letter and number identifiers. If the letters "G," "H" or "L" appear first, followed only by a number, then the piece was produced between 19. Pieces from this period are numbered from 35 to 948. For example, if you see "G 40" or "H 35," this indicates that the piece dates to 1917 or 1918; if you see "H 948," the piece dates to 1931.

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Sven Palmqvist with Kraka and Ravenna in the 1940s.And in the 1950s with Fuga, which, along with Nils Landberg’s slender tulip-shaped glass “Tulpan” and Ingeborg Lundin’s apple-shaped vase “Äpplet”, are now seen as symbols of the renaissance of Swedish design.

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