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21-Nov-2019 04:17

Combine this with their extremely pleasant nature and it makes for a great place to meet some amazing girls.The country itself is split over 7,000 islands (nobody has officially ever counted) and is extremely beautiful.Filipina girls are very open to meeting Westerners and you can meet them through all the usual channels.

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I stayed with a Filipina air hostess for a couple of weeks; she would come home from being on her feet all day, dealing with passengers; and the second she walks through the door is asking if she can get me anything, what I want her to cook for me, etc.

I was really struggling to find wifi anywhere to get my work done.

I asked a girl I’d matched with on Tinder where I could find decent wifi and she invited me over to her house—she had good wifi and he parents were away—sweet.

So, on average, Filipina girls are very sweet, caring, and horny. As I’ve mentioned already, Filipina girls are generally very pleasant and nice. Their look differs from most Asians such as Thai women and Japanese girls—they’re less ‘Asian’ looking for the most part.

With some Spanish influence in their heritage, you get some lighter skinned, light hair girls.That doesn’t mean they won’t like you, it just means dating the hottest Filipina women will be more like a dating market anywhere else in the world – you will need to be a top-notch guy to bag a top-notch girl.

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