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22-Sep-2020 00:09

Let’s take a look at a couple speakers from Warehouse Guitar Speakers ( so I can better explain this.

Their G12C/S speaker is listed as 99.79 d B, while their G12C is listed at 96.10 d B.

The first letter is the year (A=1990), and the second letter is the month (A=January). You might have to remove the chassis to be able to see the sticker, or use a mirror on a telescoping arm.

Sometimes the sticker isn't there, so the numbers on the transformer might be your best bet as Retroverbial suggested.

Not according to Fender, They use the ink stamp on the tube chart, Just verified the ’66 Blackface I just bought using that method.. mine say PJ P = 1966 J=October, First letter is the Year, and second is the month..

PS THey also said that the serial number on the chassis is NOT reliable.. Here is the chart below, as stolen from Aspen Pittman’s Book…

Here’s a list of brands along with their EIA codes.

(I’ve also included a few others brands you might encounter as aftermarket installations.) This should help you identify your speaker.

Jeff Bober is one of the godfathers of the low-wattage amp revolution.Possible culprits include the preamp tubes, the power tubes, the hum balance resistors, and the power supply caps.

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