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10-Jul-2020 13:26

The site offers premium Joomla templates and also templates for Word Press, Magento and php BB.You'll also find free plugins and extensions for these platforms, such as a weather module that plugs into Yahoo or Wunderground APIS and shows weather information.How is Rocket Theme different than other template clubs out there?We like to think that we produce an excellent product that stands the test of time.That said: We create and support products for four major platforms: Joomla, Word Press, php BB, and Magento.We have team members assigned to create and maintain products on each of them, and we offer the same level of support across the board.We found ourselves having to repeat a lot of processes as we developed new templates.We were reinventing the wheel each time to add elements that our customers enjoyed from one design to the next, and Gantry became a way for us to do something very well one time, and easily add it to future designs.

We created Gantry, a powerful framework for Word Press and Joomla, and released it as an open source project to enable anyone that wants to build their own template the chance to do so with the same framework we use for the ones we sell. What is your most popular format and why do you think that is?Are your themes updated regularly to account for new security breaches or what safeguards do you have in place?

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