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09-Feb-2020 08:01

In many cases, they were drawn into radical politics; in fact, in 1990 youth was still one of the strongest predictors of left-voting in Uruguay.Family ties remained strong in Uruguay despite the rebelliousness of youth.Married women were allowed to maintain separate bank accounts as early as 1919.Women also were provided with equal access to educational opportunities at all levels early in the twentieth century, and they began to enter the professions in increasing numbers.In rural areas, however, there was an imbalance in the sex ratio because women had a much higher propensity to migrate to the towns in search of work, particularly as domestic servants.Poor families in rural areas were often unstable; common-law marriage and illegitimacy were widespread.Nuclear families made up 61.2 percent of all households, while there were almost as many single-person households (14.6 percent) as traditional extended families (17.6 percent).

Upper-middle-class Uruguayans usually tried to escape Montevideo for the beach resorts on weekends and during the long December to January summer holidays.When babies were baptized, they often were given a godfather (, was intended to provide the children with useful connections in later life.

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