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10-Jun-2020 23:33

Bombs, guns and thieves Joined in Russia, Francesco Bandarin, UNESCO's Assistant Director General for Culture, is deeply concerned by the effects of the conflict on Syria's historical sites."The situation is catastrophic, much worse than one can imagine," he told DW.With the uncertainty surrounding the international community's involvement in the Syrian war and the unbearable number of casualties caused by the conflict, discussing material losses may seem like a lesser priority.But the rich cultural heritage being destroyed in the country is nevertheless important to the whole of humanity.According to Bandarin, the government has allowed Abdulkarim to deal with the rebels on the issue of heritage conservation.He appoints people to guard cultural treasures in rebel-controlled areas and, apparently, the rebels accept their authority.As Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO, emphasized in her appeal last week, paying attention to this aspect of the conflict does not mean overlooking the humanitarian tragedy.

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A second type of loss comes from thefts in museums.Satellite images of the ruins of Apamea taken before and during the war offer a striking comparison: The site looks like it's been bombed, yet all the holes come from illegal digging.