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13-Apr-2020 02:56

As an activist and strategic advisor, Julia teaches how to harness the power of both mainstream and social media to create a more conscious planet by raising awareness for transformational experiences, collective human potential, collaborative innovation, omni-considerate thought leadership and regenerative community building.

So while Allison might say (as she did in a recent instant message to us) "I feel like I haven't been on Gawker in eight weeks; it's making me feel happy / irrelevant" and ask if she's "blacklisted," her real problem isn't grabbing attention.

Julia Allison is an American columnist, the editor-at-large for Star and a columnist for Time Out New York.

She appears on the cable networks MSNBC, Headline News, and Fox Business frequently and in the past Fox News.

She sat—or rather whirled like a dervish—at the nexus of tech-world geekery (as she was nominally a “founder”), good old-fashioned media-baiting (she rose to her sort of fame after wearing a bustier made of condoms to a Gawker party full of journalists), and New York’s fizzy hangover from a decade of Carrie Bradshaw“I remember the first piece Gawker wrote about me.

“The social guide of that internet scene in New York was a lot smaller, intimate.

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but instead appeared on TV as a representative of the magazine.In 2006, Allison appeared in an episode of Elimidate. I am, as I say in my bio, personally & professionally, a handful. Rambunctious, indefatigable, sometimes simply obnoxious. It's making a living, and thus a life, out of it.

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UPDATE: Regarding the hair, a tipster adds: Julia was broadcasting for some really random network from a soccer event at Hudson Terrace last night.

In 2007, she joined Time Out New York as a columnist, a position held until the summer of 2009. She became a nationally syndicated technology columnist with Tribune Media Services She co-starred on one season of the Bravo reality show Miss Advised in 2012, and she has made occasional appearances on Fox Business's Happy Hour and Fox News' Red Eye show; and regular appearances as a commentator on Fox News segments, CNN's Reliable Sources, Headline News' Showbiz Tonight, and Glenn Beck news-commentary show.