Dating buildings using window style

08-May-2020 19:43

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This requires understanding and careful management, as if the subtle balance of proportion and detail of historic windows is upset or discarded, the harmony and integrity of our built heritage can be irreplaceably eroded.However, by understanding the historic evolution of window design and technology, and the influences of architectural thinking, it becomes possible to appreciate the joys of Ireland’s window heritage, making every journey along a road or street a stimulating delight for the eyes.This coincided with a growing interest in classical architecture, spurred on by public building projects such as Dublin’s Royal Hospital at Kilmainham and the gradual reconstruction of Dublin Castle.Windows became taller and narrower in the classical manner, though in some cases, such as the new State Apartments in Dublin Castle or Lord Clancarty’s mansion on College Green, both built in the 1680s, mullions and transoms continued to be used.This architectural fashion is often thought of in terms of our major public buildings, but its influence was far-reaching, ensuring that for nearly three hundred years most of the buildings of Ireland’s villages, towns and cities, as well as its rural architecture, would conform to basic neo-Palladian principles of design.Symmetrically positioned windows, centrally placed doors, tall rectangular window opes, and elegantly designed window glazing that mirrored the proportions of the building, all became commonplace.In any event, it would appear that Ireland was equally keen to adopt the style, with widespread use in all forms of building documented as early as the 1730s.

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These were hosted within leaded metal or timber frames, often fixed in position to ensure the wind did not catch open casements, and were unlikely to be very transparent.

The country seat of the Ormonds at Carrick-on-Suir Castle was so flamboyant in its display of large glazed windows in the 1560s that it was likely to have set a new trend in fortified house design.

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