Dating a peavey amp

27-Aug-2020 19:00

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I searched online, but apparently Peavey serial numbers are complicated and don't easily map to years... I'm happy to provide any info about it if needed. If you look on the Peavey forums, they have a list of all the serial numbers and how to read them, after (IIRC) 1977 or so.

If yours has a dot-matrix printed serial number and say a barcode, it's definitely recent enough to be in the database.

After graduating from Mississippi State in 1965, Hartley Peavey started his company above his father’s music store, building amps one at a time.

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By using analog distortion, the VYPYR Pro's digital processor has the amazing ability to offer almost limitless combinations of additional stompboxes, "rack" effects, amplifiers, and even instrument models. Peavey Electronics revolutionized the modeling amp industry with the world's first Variable Instrument Performance amplifier, the VYPYR® VIP — the world's first amp that contains electric guitar, bass guitar, and acoustic guitar amplifier models.

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