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26-Dec-2019 20:15

Everywhere you look, especially if you are looking at the media and entertainment markets, you are likely to run into illustrations that sex can come with or without strings. And least likely does it come with one set of permanent strings like it does for the Christian who is serious about their moral values.

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With these thoughts in mind after my last blog post I Am So Tired Of Not Having Sex, I decided to defy the system and set out on a quest to see if men really are practicing celibacy in 2018.SHEUN: Growing up in church, I heard my whole life that waiting until marriage to have sex was the way to do things.These convictions were only strengthened through middle and high school in my youth ministry and personal relationship with God.The findings as I’m sure you can imagine are quite interesting.

Let’s see what 5 Modern Christian Men (#MCM) had to say about their personal experience with celibacy.

And yes, there is The Wait Book by Devon and Meagan Franklin and Ciara and Russ’s gleaming love story to slightly ease, glamorize and validate the age-old Christian pastime of celibacy for us.