Dating a baseball player is hard

13-Nov-2020 15:08

That means if you’re on the roster for 178 days, you earn 172 days.

If you’re on the roster for 183 days, you also earn 172 days.

For the next three years of service (years 4-6), the player may go through salary arbitration.

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Service time matters because of the way salaries are structured and free agency is granted.

A team has the rights to a player until that player earns six full years of MLB service time (there are special rules for players who spend many years in the minors).

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Service time is exactly what it sounds like; the number of years and days of major league service a player has in their career. Days, so we would express a player with four years and one hundred and fifteen days of service time as 4.115.Sabathia was pulled from Friday's start after experiencing "level 10" pain in his right knee.

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