Dark fantasy sex dating

26-Nov-2019 22:15

You're practically a mermaid with a long, wild mane. Pisces dream of paint and bodies gorgeously intertwining.And just like a mermaid, you can withstand anything. Pisces are the artistic, visual creatures of the great zodiac. First, it starts out with YOU, all alone in your studio painting a masterpiece. However, within minutes, you're locking lips, rolling around in an entire rainbow spectrum of pain colors.You're deeply sensitive (but you hide it oh so well). Then, the sexiest entity you've ever laid your artistic eyes on waltzes into the room. You finish sex breathless with both of your bodies adorned in (wet) PAINT.Your elusive, mysterious prowess is sort of intoxicating. The two of you look like a coveted piece of modern art after sex. You like to hand that remote control over to a sex partner in the depths of your wicked thoughts.

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You wish other people could be as sexy and unattainable as you are. You want someone who takes his or her clothes of so slowly that your entire body is teeming with relentless desire. Get a little down and dirty with some ice, and you will see what I mean. But you know what's special about a stubborn Taurus creature? And you, my precious virgo, are SICK and TIRED of everyone needing you to swoop in and rescue him or her. Disciplining all of us sinful, disorganized (but HOT) messes of human beings. When you let that controlled mind of yours wander off to dirty places, all you dream about is ordering us the f*ck around.

You , after all, the current leader of the zodiac, and WE look to YOU to push us out of comfort zone. You just want to engage in insatiable, crazy, hair-pulling sex in a dangerous, wild ocean.

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