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By this time, both Black and Johnson were teaching at Farragut High School on Chicago’s West Side.Both men were active in support for the 1960 Southern lunch counter sit-ins.During Martin Kennelly’s term as mayor, there was a break between political leaders in the black community and City Hall. Till’s funeral in Chicago drew huge crowds and provoked mass protests.Three years later came a new organization—the Chicago League of Negro Voters.By 1954, he was student teaching at Du Sable High School, his alma mater.Black officially began his teaching career at Roosevelt High School in Gary, Ind., in 1954.It was put together pretty quickly, and it applies more to what I've been listening to than what might have been selling in larger quantities through the store. Oh, by the way, they are just in alphabetical order, not ranked.Hopefully you'll see a few things you already like, find a few things you end up liking, and find even more things that make you curious to hear more...

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As a teenager, he walked a picket line protesting white-only employment in stores on 47th Street, in Bronzeville’s main shopping district, warning shoppers: “Don’t Spend Your Money Where You Can’t Work.” He was educated at Burke Elementary School and Du Sable High School.Discharged in late 1945, he returned to a segregated Chicago.