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04-Aug-2020 23:36

In 2008, Chris helped one of his clients, David Smith, lose 400 pounds.

The two later together co-founded a weight-loss program, which turned out to be a success.

In it she writes: Our family wouldn’t be the same without you, and I hope you know how grateful we are to have you in our lives.

However, after taking on a weight training program which his parents recommended to him, Chris finally started to see changes.

Within several months of training, he already looked much more muscular and defined.

Chris is married to his wife Heidi Powell, with whom he has two children, Cash and Ruby.

His wife, Heidi, also has two children from her previous marriage, Marley and Matix. If you are training for performance, absolutely not. But if you are training for weight loss and making a lifestyle of it, I prefer fasted cardio – not so much for the physiological benefits, but for the psychological.

This turned out to be a beneficial decision for Chris, as he quickly became passionate about the process of lifting weights and gaining muscle.

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