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She bought a cat costume using all of her savings and resumed her stealing profession using her brand new costume and ability.As she was attempting a robbery at a local store, she was stopped by a group of security guards and one of them called her "Catwoman." Selina loved the name and thus, the Catwoman persona was born. She was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, partially inspired by Kane's second cousin by marriage, Ruth Steel.It was decided that Earth-Two will be where the Golden Age heroes reside and continued.Therefore Golden Age Selina continued her life on Earth-Two where it would be revealed that she reformed in the 1950s and marries Bruce Wayne.She eventually runs into Batman and they would tangle a bit.Selina eventually reformed and admitted that the amnesia story was a lie to run away from her life of crimes.Both she (first credited as simply the Cat) and the Joker were Batman's first two enemies although she was not considered to be an adversary of Batman.

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Curious, Selina walked to the park and caught a glimpse of the Dark Knight in action who glided out of sight moments later.

Catwoman's first silver Age appearance was in In the Golden Age of Comics, Selina Kyle was a flight attendant who had been struck in the head after her plane had crashed; she survived but unfortunately became amnesiac.