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26-Sep-2019 23:26

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Both of these things cannot be true at the same time – either Jesus is who he claimed to be (God) and Islam is wrong about something very important, or Jesus isn’t who he claimed to be.

In that case, Islam would still be wrong about Jesus because Jesus couldn’t possibly be a prophet of God if he were delusional or arrogant enough to believe he were God.

I would encourage you to read what the Church has to say about Islam.

You will find that Her opinions differ from yours, however, two things must be understood.

for example, he’d go to Mass on Sundays if I went to Jum’ah (Muslim Prayer service) on Fridays.** I should also note that he’s a rather lax Muslim. He enjoys drinking a nice beer once in a while with me. :rolleyes: I can’t give you the Catholic perspective, but it would concern me that he is “a rather lax Muslim.” That fact was obvious before you mentioned simply because he is dating you.

But he staunchly refuses to eat anything containing pork, which I respect, though it amuses me. And if he’ll abstain from pork but drink alcohol it shows that he’s not really serious about his religion.

But if Islam is just one of many paths to God, then why did Jesus die on the cross?

If this is true, then there is no compelling reason for you to remain Catholic. Jesus made some very exlusive, extraordinary claims about himself in the Bible, including being the only way to God (John 14:6).

But if it isn’t, then are you willing to gamble the soul of your boyfriend and any future children you may have? Islam teaches Jesus is only a prophet, and certainly not God or the only way to God.

Once you have children though, that may change and it’s the kind of issue that can tear a marriage apart.

You would need to discuss these kinds of issues with a priest. I’ve been dating a Muslim man for about a year now.

You, as a Catholic, have an obligation to raise your children Catholic, in the same way that he is obligated, as a muslim to raise them in the muslim faith.