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01-Sep-2020 10:30

Come along and let’s see what makes Calabar girls tick.(1) Attention And Time Well, one of the reasons I hooked up with my Calabar babe is that she was devoted when it comes to giving you time and attention.You might say this is a false generalisation but I’ve met quite a few and dated one.They turn to show different colours when they are bitter.And giving your nude pictures to your guy will not make him love you more.When you’re tired, she has the strength to back you up.You’re coming from a party where you both have danced out, she’s got the strength to drive you guys home.Do you want a girl that will answer to every of your whim and caprice?

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WE DONT charge a DINE If Ladies could listen to our advice, it will be to their own good because guys are not what they always appears when in happy mood.

See Why / When Ladies See Handsome Guys: See What Happens / Guys, See Reason Why You Shouldn't Marry Because Of Physical Beauty (2) (3) (4) Alright, I know what you all are thinking and that’s definitely one of the reasons why you should date a Calabar girl.

By dating a Calabar girl, i mean the Efik, Ibibio, Annang and northern cross riverian sisters.Your past can hunt you this should preach, never use your today to kill your future.