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19-Jan-2020 12:48

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Cancel = True End If End If End Sub Private Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As System.I just don't know what key code combination could direct focus to a text box control that should never receive focus since the Tab Stop property is false and there is no other code that sets focus to the textbox. For more information about how to handle events, see Handling and Raising Events. Error Text = "Invalid format" songs Data Grid View. If the row does not pass validation, set the Cancel Event Args. Canceling this event prevents the Row Validated, Control. Validated events from occurring, and also prevents the user from leaving the invalid row and prevents the row from being saved to an external data source in data bound mode.If the handle matched then immediately exit the Validating event without setting e.-- Al Reid Well it works for me - but one thing I left out - you need to set the cancel buttons 'causes validation' to false.

The Cancel buttons Causes Validation does not refer to the behaviour implemented by Cell Validating event on the Data Grid View. For all who tried to answer - Thanks for the attention. But for the record and others who may stumble upon , I am writing this note.

Error Text = _ "A Track must be a number" Return False End If Return True End Function Private Function Is Date Good(By Ref cell As Data Grid View Cell) As Boolean If cell.

Error Text = _ "Missing date" Return False Else Try Date Time.

Maybe you should be using the Key Down event instead of the Key Press event.

here is a line copied from the documentation: "The Key Press event is not raised by noncharacter keys; however, the noncharacter keys do raise the Key Down and Key Up events." My guess is that the gun is sending some noncharacter data to you.

Somewhere in all of that, something must be getting crossed up.

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