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They are designed to provide information about the subject matter, as well as offering practical advice where appropriate.

The booklets, many of which have been recognised for their excellence by the British Medical Association, can be purchased via our online shop.

Here, you can talk about anything related to brain injury - from symptoms and rehabilitation to welfare benefits and local services - and get answers and support from people who have been through a similar situations.

The books we present in the library could be rightly called a sensation; because, the information they contain allows everyone, not only to expand his knowledge about the world and himself, but, also to reveal the path to creative growth and spiritual liberation. The past, present and future of the whole civilization is contained within its pages. It awakens huge spiritual forces in human souls and helps to resist the difficulties and the injustice of this world.

A very unusual book, which compel with its non-typical style compared to the previous books.

But it’s still a continuation of “Sensei of Shambala” and “Sensei of Shambala. It depictures Ariman, an ‘occasional’ and very rich guest of the tent camp of the guys.

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Headway's range of booklets and factsheets cover a range of issues that can impact on the life of a person living with a brain injury, including coping with memory problems, parenting after brain injury, and even practical challenges such as driving after brain injury.

The Knowledge of life and death, the nature of human soul; also, Soul is the most precious in a Human being. The unusual adventures of the guys, amazing philosophy of Sensei and his phenomenal demonstrations.