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I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for these connections when I watch the reruns.Did you know about any of these surprising connections?The couple shared their first kiss while filming the Hawaii episodes and felt a connection right away.In fact, the crew famously had trouble filming a scene with Williams and Mc Cormick on a bed in the attic, because they were getting too "cozy" with each other.

Things between them heated up – she almost lost her virginity to him, but then his parents walked in. He once was called to set after he had just finished smoking a joint, so he had to go in stoned. But then I got married and found a niche in a career I enjoy.” , but in reality, she wasn’t anything like her character.

After the show wrapped, he continued to smoke pot and also used cocaine. By the age of the 18, she was already addicted to cocaine.

After the show ended, she found herself hanging out in Hollywood’s drug dens.

Producer Sherwood Schwartz broke up the couple after convincing Williams he was too young to give his heart to just one girl.

But it wasn't just puppy love to Mc Cormick: she confessed in her own autobiography, A lot of explanations have been offered as the origin of their feud, including jealousy over their roles on the show.She admitted in her book that she would trade sex for cocaine and once let a man at the Playboy mansion videotape her in exchange for drugs.