Blind dating 2016 poster

17-Nov-2019 12:45

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Money receives a tip that a man has 0,000 in cash in his house in an abandoned Detroit neighborhood.The cash was reportedly a settlement after a wealthy young woman, Cindy Roberts, killed his daughter in a car accident.We want you to see TWO things - the REVIEW..the SEXY CLOWN (well, we want you to see those LEGS, and then be surprised by the nose). LESS IS MORE...while being visually linked to Canada Hub (our venue).This poster is one of SIX..with a different press quote...because after 10 years of touring (and snogging strangers) need to know is: SEXY.

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However, Nordstrom finds Rocky's shoes and realizes that Money was not the only intruder.

Chun, who's been living in the Southern Chinese Metropolis of Guangzhou, has finally succumbed to the ancient tradition of blind dating - a process in which you're given 15 minutes to choose a husband or wife - and is just weeks away from her wedding.

Contrasting China's urban and rural settings, the film follows her as she prepares to say goodbye to her life in the city and return home for a wedding she does not want to have.

Seeing a locked door, Money assumes the money is hidden down there and shoots the lock.

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The noise wakes up Nordstrom, who overpowers Money while Rocky and Alex hide.

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