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21-Mar-2020 03:59

He played an example of him wishing someone a happy birthday. Howard said he has an example up there but he hasn't sold one yet. Howard said he has the Bluetooth ear buds and they're probably giving him cancer.

Howard said Fred the Elephant Boy is on there but no one has bought one yet. He said he has people to clean the apartment so he doesn't need that.

She said she did it you let it run and run until it's empty. She said then she made coffee and it still tasted like the chemical.

Robin said she has a coffee maker that makes the individual pods and it said it was time to descale. She said she found out you're supposed to put this stuff in and clean it.

He said they used his voice and Gilbert Gottfried's voice to make a call to a religious radio show.

Howard said that's why he wont get that one with the ultraviolet light. Howard said they have a new phony phone call to make.

He said that perilous times are here and they're not going away.

Gary said he used his Capital One points to go on a vacation recently. Howard said Prince had all kinds of rules in his life. Howard asked Robin if that was more or less than 0. He said he claims he was talking to God and he was able to pray away the rust they fond inside his plane. He claims they found corrosion and God told him to lay hands on it and it will go away. Howard said if he can do that then why not just become a flying superman.

Shuli said he got infuriated seeing where he's living. am Next on today's vacation replay show they played a segment where Howard talked about some nutty religious people. He said he was comparing the ,000 one to that one and they claim that the 9000 has a blue ultraviolet light that cleans the toilet.