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07-Jul-2020 20:00

“Each one has a master’s degree in counseling psychology. A lot of my coaches and therapists are trained in drama therapy.” Many of the dating coaches’ sessions encourage singles to practice experiential skills they lack when it comes to making successful romantic matches.These include essential skills like flirtation, touch, and body language.“In addition, we do have out-of-office specialty services, like a mock date.You can go on a date with a coach who will give detailed feedback about your dating skills afterward.” The mock date involves a client meeting up with a blind date — who is a dating coach — at a restaurant or coffee shop.

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With the help of Bay Area Dating Coach and Founder Jessica Engle, who is a trained mental health therapist, nervous, novice, or unsuccessful daters can learn strategies for finding fulfilling, long-term relationships.

“Recently, we’ve been having great successes with the Online Dating Concierge service for people who haven’t been on dates for years or on dates at all,” said Jessica.

Bay Area Dating Coach demonstrates its understanding of the needs of modern daters, who may struggle to meet suitable partners or figure out how to interact in dating situations.

Some of the techniques Bay Area Dating Coach uses to help clients include mock dating, in-the-field dating analysis, online dating advice, and drama therapy.

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Finding a date online is often a tiring and time-consuming process.“Through Online Dating Concierge, we take over a client’s online life,” said Jessica Engle, Founder of Bay Area Dating Coach.