Askmen dating younger women

06-Dec-2019 22:35

I know this doesn't apply to all guys, but I am fairly young, in my teens, and I often have older guys interested in me. Younger girls were easy to have a relationship with because so many of them viewed me as more mature, so they took a lot of what I said or did at face value and never questioned me.

This is totally fine with me because I like the maturity I find with them, but I really just have a problem with the law and their motivation. Well, I'll be honest as to why I used to find younger girls attractive. When I was 18, girls who were 16/17 looked at me as the guy who could buy smokes, who could go to strip clubs, and because of this inherent ability that I didn't even earn, I was somehow super amazing.

Are all guys who are into girls my age pedophiles/creeps? I'm not an old dude, I'm 23, but I used to almost specifically date 2 years younger than me. Factoring out intelligence, I was always really cool to them, for the same reasons.

I'm not so sure about this one, because I'm usually pretty mature for my age (at least I think so). I was older so I could do more shit that they weren't allowed to.

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