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Two years ago, I moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Southern California for a new job and unknowingly stumbled into the biggest Asian minority enclave community in the United States.

I love it: restaurants with entirely Chinese menus that serve complimentary warm tea instead of iced water; establishments that openly play Korean pop or hip-hop music instead of mundane American Billboard top 100 radio; Asian nightclubs that play matchmaker and allow indoor smoking; and posters promoting Asian or Asian-American creators like Wong Fu Productions and films and TV shows like Fresh Off the Boat, and Crazy Rich Asians, all conspicuously placed in store-fronts.

Los Angeles can sometimes seem like a city divided: one for the couples and one for the singles.

Couples either either move here together or find each other way more quickly than you can find parking on your street. meet up group and meet some fabulous people, or try some of these other tips for meeting new folks.

Despite what we may see, the overwhelming majority of people still end up with someone of their own race, especially when marrying even if they previously dated outside their race. I've lived in the Bay Area all my life and strongly second this comment. Haven't noticed many black men with white women, except OJ and a few other celebs.

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A common theme I’ve found when asking people about dating in Los Angeles is that it is SUPER hard to meet anyone. One of the first “dates” I went on after moving here was with a someone I met at a health food co-op in Santa Monica. Personally, I think this is a lot more classy since the only person who comes into contact with you the next morning is your Uber driver who doesn’t judge, and just gives you a bottle of Fiji water while you avoid eye contact.

And even if you don’t follow the advice I’ve laid out below, at least we can all commiserate about the agonies of being single in the city of angels. Scenario: You’re chatting up a cute potential love interest and hitting things off oh so well, but then comes the dreaded question “So where in L. You spend a good portion in your car so I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, “How am I ever suppose to meet someone? In fact some people are actually out there actively seeking celebrity hook-ups, giving themselves bonus points for the varying classes of their bedmates (movie star, television star, reality… Truth is: Try not to brag about hooking up with a famous person unless they are actually famous. Chances are that no one will know who they are, unless it’s your younger cousin. Outside activities make for great first dates as well.

Just like the above, chances are high that you have dated or will date someone “in the industry” while living in L. This term gets thrown around a lot and mainly covers actors, camera guys, screen- writers, and the works who flock here to try and make it big. BUT there is a high chance that work will always come before you do. There are plenty of other ways you can date for cheap, such as 14 Cheap L. Date Ideas That Girls Will Love (aka Spend Less to Impress) or 15 Things To Do in Los Angeles for or Less.

You can find her making jokes where they're likely not needed.

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