A powerful dating technique that simply works

17-Aug-2020 12:54

You know those seven-minute videos that feel like an hour? A consequence of clicking on those videos is that You Tube starts suggesting similar content on your home page — in this case, a lot of dating and relationship advice.Mind you, I’m never logged in when I open You Tube on my phone, but it gets you anyway.Communicating your knowledge in an authoritative way — where you strictly relay information — isn’t necessarily attractive or memorable.And when your marketing isn’t memorable, you spin your wheels rather than grow your business.

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You get a snapshot of his or her feelings and thus can be more understanding and empathetic.

Leigh Newman is the deputy editor at and the author of Still Points North: One Alaskan Childhood, One Grown Up World, One Long Journey Home.

If you know you don’t want to produce unicorn vomit (and I applaud you for that), you may have decided that your content will be “professional.” I was extremely preoccupied with “professional” when I started creating content 10 years ago.

The emails give people a bird's-eye view of Crowley's thoughts and plans, writes Bryant.

And, best of all, are "a good way to start a conversation" that doesn't involve the cost of a babysitter or who forgot to make the reservation (again).

Your content is an opportunity to demonstrate why your approach is the best fit for your target audience.