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"I like when a guy is whispering in my ear about what he's about to do, that's a really big turn-on," she adds.

You know how to talk dirty to your partner to get their blood pumping, but encourage them to reciprocate by telling you how you're making Needs Drake says she orgasms more during softcore scenes because she gets to focus more on her own needs.

So take her cue and figure out what positions or situations work best for you—then make sure they get their due "camera time." Forget about everything else going on and focus on your pleasure for a while.

True story - Ex British Girlfriend All of the below is absolutely 100% true This was around 7/8 years ago, we were both around our 30’s.

I got up and went into her room, my dick still hard and swinging freely, opened her laundry basket and picked up a pair of her panties.

I walked back into the room I was sleeping in, sniffing the panties along the way and sat back down.

A new employee had started last week and was doing very well.

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"The reason we keep our shoes on is because it elongates our legs and pushes our [butts] up so that certain positions feel better for you," says Drake.I plugged my headphones into my laptop and clicked play on the video, I wrapped th… Read more Steve was having a good day at the store that he managed.The store, a dollar discount store, was busy so time was moving along.But by no means are the porn stars going at it for that long—people need to catch their breath at some point, and the same goes for you.

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Interruptions happen, whether the kids need attention or your partner loses his erection mid-sex. Drake masturbates between takes to keep herself turned on. Because really, when is the pizza delivery guy ever on the same hotness scale as say, Joe Manganiello?

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