3 strike rule dating

07-May-2020 21:55

doesn't participate as a member), they shouldn't be turned away either. We all have some issues with the NMRA, but unfortunately this just seems like our lawsuit-happy, high-cost-of-insurance society intruding on yet another area of our life, not something implemented by the NMRA with bad intent or as a misguided way to try to increase membership.

Your mileage may vary Thanks, Peter There was a rather contentious debate in the letters section of several of the NMRA magazines earlier this year.

I almost did not renew my NMRA membership this year because of this rule.

A good example to follow is another hobby association that I belong to, The American Philatelic Association.

The NMRA would do well to follow the example of the APS regarding letting anyone attend the events. If you believe that your hobby is dying, excluding people from participating from and being exposed to your hobby is not the way to bring in new people. Hi, There're a lot of misconceptions out there about the three strike rule. Getz as well as the NMRA VP (I can't remember his name at the moment).

Since the NMRA wants to charge alot of money for people to attend their main events, many can't attend anyway. It is a turn-off and hints of snobbery that is often found in the "rivet counter" class. What they told me is that the rule is in the event as if they are a full member apparently runs into some sort of legal issue about the NMRA "giving away" benefits to those participants.

I could go on and on but I think you get the idea that the NMRA could do a whole lot better. I will be content to build my own layout and invite whoever wants to come enjoy it can certainly do so.

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Writing things down on paper forces you to see, in black and white, what your mind processes as a mess of emotion.For example, if you have caught a guy in a lie three times (regardless of how “small” of a lie it was) it’s time to kick him to the curb.