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07-Apr-2020 17:33

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You may be a master of the art of chatting or not, but only one thing’s for sure.Talking to your dream guy can be a thing of dreams and a nightmare at the same time. ideal first date, or whichever ordinal number is it, is a challenge.The whole point of a good relationship is making your man a richer person spiritually, and vice-versa. He will love it and appreciate if you let him do the talking, too. Every good conversation is due for a good foundation.

Now that you’ve laid the foundation, it’s time for fun.

You know about many aspects of his life and you can see what kind of a person he is.

This is valuable material and you can mostly relax now.

It’s best to test the water, and still come off as a confident gal. Opening up the conversation and challenging someone are the first phases of every chat. If you like what you hear, you can move onto more delicate subjects and try to reel him in. It’s all about being fun, but with a seductive note.

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As the conversation topic get more interesting, he and you will become closer. Unless you approach religion accidentally, don’t venture there. Using the right tone and making him second guess your question is what you’re looking for. Harness who you really are because that’s all you need!

You might even forget which question did you start with. The beauty of his mind and your mind will be evident in those awkward situations. It’s long been a misconception that only us gals like to tell tales. The key to asking these “foundational” questions is just to be patient and warm towards your guy.