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Humans have been playing mind games with each other ever since the dawn of time.

Mind games were used to win wars and bring peace between nations.

Some men play mind games with women because it gives them a sense of power.

It makes them feel wanted and adored, which, according to research, is something that men need intensely. Pulling one over on someone can give a man a sense of accomplishment. [Read: 7 signs you’re dating a player] #4 They love a challenge.

Tell him you’re on to him and that you won’t put up with his bullshit. It might feel good for a while, but the pain of his betrayal will still be there.

It won’t even matter because a player will not care about anything that you do.

They can just shrug it off and find their next victim.

You’re better off using your energy to move on and heal yourself from the pain that this toxic relationship has caused.

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No one is exempt from this transgression because both men and women are guilty of playing mind games.

This is especially important when you encounter a guy who loves to play mind games. Women only become susceptible to mind games when they are vulnerable.

The most common victims are women with self-esteem or abandonment issues.

If there are things in his life that he can’t resolve, he might discover that playing with women’s feelings helps him fill that gaping hole inside of him. This is similar to ego-stroking, but the purpose of testing oneself is to prove that they are capable of attracting a woman. This is the most common reason why guys play mind games.

When a guy sees a challenge, he can’t help but do everything in his power to overcome it.The motivations differ from person to person, but the goal is always the same – to win.